Facebook hero reunites Crystal Palace fan with FA Cup tickets left on train

The power of social media was highlighted in this heart-warming FA Cup final story.

FA Cup fail Imagine losing tickets to the final Image Getty

The 2016 FA Cup final has produced its first magic moment after a social media campaign to find the owner of four tickets left on a train in London ended in success.

When bar owner Matthew Selvyn found four tickets for the sell-out Wembley clash between Crystal Palace and Manchester United on a train he decided to do the decent thing and launch an online search to find the rightful owner.

Having taken a picture of the tickets, Selwyn uploaded the images to Facebook alongside an appeal to find the rightful owner.

“A Palace fan left these four FA Cup Final tickets on a train today. If you lost them, let me know what train you left them on and I’ll try and get them back to you,” he wrote on Facebook.

What a guy
What a guy Would you have done the same? Image Facebook

With the post subsequently shared over 1,000 times, the owner of said tickets soon came forward with Facebook user Simon March confirming that his dad, Alan, had lost them.

In an extra twist, it turns out that March, who is an avid Palace fan, had travelled all the way from the US to watch his beloved Eagles attempt to win the FA Cup for the first time in their history.

With the tickets now heading back to their rightful owner, March expressed his gratitude to everyone who had helped ensure the tickets made their way back to the original owner.

“Thanks again, can’t begin to tell you how relieved he/we are,” he wrote.

Later on, March added: “Thanks for help everyone. I think we have made contact. Approvals it all. And yes. The old man is a daft old fart.”

Here’s hoping Palace can go out and do the business against Manchester United now.

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