Honest Trailers Tackles Face/Off And The Question Of Dong Switching

The Nicolas Cage/John Travolta face-swapping action classic just got the Honest Trailers treatment.

A still from Face/Off
Face/Off An absolute classic

Face/Off, the 90s sci-fi action classic that sees John Travolta’s FBI agent Sean Archer surgically swap faces with Nicolas Cage’s freelance terrorist Castor Troy, has become the latest movie to get the Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer treatment.

Having turned 20 earlier this summer, now feels like the perfect time for the Screen Junkies to sink their teeth into this John Woo-directed action classic which, viewers are told, features all of the filmmaker’s signature “Ds” – “dives, duel wielding and doves.”

There’s plenty to poke fun at in this spoof trailer too, which highlights the absurd plot, nonsensical surgery, and those magnetic prison boots.

That’s not all it includes though, with the film charting the point at which Cage and Travolta
“two Oscar worthy actors, who turned into jokes, made the effort to be Oscar-worthy again and then realised it’s way more fun to be ridiculous.”

Full of over the top acting, which apparently “makes more sense when you realise it was written for Schwarzenegger and Stallone” the film also features plenty of memorable “action pieces that never stop until they stop to point their guns at each other, dramatically.”

Dubbing Face/Off simply “Trading Faces” and noting both characters apparent appreciation of peaches, the clip ends on the one question fans have been asking since they first saw the movie:

“Did they switch dongs too? Because dong off is a very different movie.”

Great question, for more trivia and factoids on Face/Off head over to our list of 20 things you never knew about the Cage/Travolta classic.

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