Extreme Fisherman Divides The Internet After Killing HUGE Bull Shark

The picture has faced a huge backlash after being posted online.

A deceased Bull Shark
A deceased Bull Shark The divisive picture Image Facebook/Offshore Fishing NSW

An extreme fisherman has divided the internet after killing an enormous Bull Shark in Australia.

The deep sea angler posed with the corpse of the shark, after capturing it in the Swansea Channel of New South Wales.

While it’s common practice to return catches to the ocean during deep sea fishing, the shark “ended up dead after being gut hooked and a huge fight”, and large sections of the internet are really angry about it.

The picture, which shows the beast, upwards of 12 feet long, hanging upside down while the fisherman stands alongside it, has divided internet users everywhere, with people arguing strongly for and against the killing of the shark.

Thousands of people commented on the picture, which has gone viral after being posted on the Offshore Fishing NSW Facebook group.

Dead shark picture divides the internet
The divisive picture A deceased Bull Shark Image Facebook/Offshore Fishing NSW

One user wrote: “If it was a tuna or a marlin no one would give a shit !!! So sick of all the shark huggers these days!!! Well done on a great capture!!”

Another highlighted the dangers the creature posed to humans, saying that the act has made it safer for swimmers.

“Shame it ended up dead!! People need to realise that sharks like this and bigger are swimming round close to swimmers and surfers all the time… the fact of the matter is if sharks targeted people as prey, we would be dropping like flies all over the world, millions of people use the water daily!” they wrote.

However, many people hit out at the act, saying that a creature as majestic as the bull shark should have been thrown back into the ocean.

“This is pretty Sad. Such a magnificent Creature. They should be left alone,” one wrote.

“Maybe people are more educated now and realise just how important these animals are to a healthy environment. It’s silly to say something like “these days”, we should be getting smarter as time goes on. The “good old days” don’t always equal better times, sometimes people were just more ignorant,” another added.

The picture has racked up thousands of reactions, and continues to divide internet users everywhere.

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