How Extra-terrestrial Encounters Can Change Your Life For The Better

Or at least how according to retired neuroscientist and UFO fanatic Bob Davis.

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The idea of encountering an alien being may sound absolutely terrifying to most, but it could actually enhance your outlook on life.

Or at least that’s what retired neuroscientist and UFO enthusiast Bob Davis believes.

Davis is a member of the Dr Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extra-terrestrial Encounters, a group that claims to have spoken to just over 3,000 separate individuals who have allegedly encountered of some form of an alien life.

The research has led Davis to one key conclusion – those who experience these UFO sightings tend to be left with a feeling of complete happiness.

Speaking to Vice, davis revealed that, of all those the foundation has quizzed on the subject, around 85 per cent described “being transformed in a very positive behavioral or psychospiritual way.”

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“Generally, people become more humane, experience a oneness with the world,” he explained.

It’s not just a sense of inner peace either. According to Davis, these individuals also begin to show a general lack of care for the many trappings of life as we know it, which is apparently a good thing.

“They become less interested in organized religion, they become more spiritual, they have less interest in monetary values, and become more sensitive to the ecological welfare of our planet, among many other psychospiritual outcomes.”

The claims come as evidence of the existence of aliens continues to pile up.

Vladimir Putin The Russian leader does not approve. Image MIKHAIL KLIMENTIEV/AFP/Getty Images

A chilling account of an alien sighting and conflict in Siberia, Russia, was reported by one Ukrainian news source earlier this week.

It described how Russia soldiers opened fire on a mysterious flying object before a series of supposed alien beings emerged, melded together in one massive blob and turned 23 of the 25 men present to stone.

For all Davis’ claims something tells us those survivors weren’t left happy by the encounter. That is, if they actually exist.

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