HUGE Explosion Which Flattened An Entire House Was ‘Caused By Ants’

A man was killed after an explosion ripped through his house in York last year.

Killer ants?
Killer ants? Did insects cause a huge gas blast? Image Creative Commons

Experts have revealed that a huge house fire, which destroyed a home and killed a 63-year-old man, may have been caused by ants.

The “catastrophic” gas blast completely flattened a four-bedroom home in York in February, 2016, and  shocking new information on the incident has now come to light.

Homeowner Paul Wilmott was killed after suffering a fractured skull and brain injury, and the cause of the blast has now been revealed.

The explosion was allegedly caused after gas seeped through a corroded copper pipe into the house, and Scientist Dr Elizabeth Grear told an inquest yesterday that the leak was down to “stress corrosion cracking”.

However, ants were found in the area, and Grear believes that the insects directly contributed to the explosion [via The Mirror].

Killer insects? Image Pexels

“The ant nest which was found near to the fracture which occurred and organic acids are known to attack copper – it is that which is astonishing.

“Ants produce this Formic Acid which attacks copper. It seems unique and coincidental that it seemed to be an ant nest there.”

She added: “That [the nest] may well have contributed to the corrosion of the pipe over time.’’

While the link between the location of the ant’s nest and the blast has yet to be officially confirmed, it’s a pretty terrifying thought that insects so small could have lead to such catastrophic damage.

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