Experts Say The “Ideal” Amount Of Sex Is Just Once A Week

That can't be true, can it?

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How often should people be having sex?

You might think that getting it every night of the week would make you a happier person, but it’s been revealed that a more infrequent sex life could actually be better for your wellbeing.

According to findings by Amy Muise, a sex expert from the University of Toronto Missuaga, the “ideal” amount of sex for couples to be having is just once a week.

The research, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, shows that couples who sleep together once every seven days are just as happy as those who have sex more regularly.

The guide to a perfect sex life
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“In general it is important to maintain a sexual connection with a romantic partner, but it is also important to have realistic expectations for one’s sex life, given that many couples are busy with work and responsibilities,” Muise told The Huffington Post.

Muise’s research, which is partly based on a study of 25,000 participants conducted in 1993, states that more sex doesn’t equate to improved levels of happiness.

Healthy sex lives can be pretty crucial to relationships, but the study suggests that couples don’t need huge amounts of it for a fulfilling relationship.

When it comes to sex, once a week works a treat – who knew?

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