Experts Are Warning That The World May Soon Run Out Of Wine

Wine-a-geddon is nearly upon us, so stock up on red, white and rosé while you can.

Enjoy wine while you can.
Wine Enjoy it while you can.

Wine lovers everywhere may want to nip down to their local off-licence or supermarket now, before it’s too late.

Because experts are warning that the world could be on the brink of a serious wine shortage that could leave us all high and dry ahead of the busy boozy festive period.

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine has revealed that the industry has suffered a pretty significant reduction in wine output worldwide over the past 12 months.

Bad weather conditions are apparently to blame, with the growing conditions in some of the world’s top wine-producing countries proving unpredictable.

A combination of spring frosts and summer heatwaves damaged grape output, resulting in a 36-year low in harvests.

Italy is set for a 23 per cent decline in wine production according to official figures, with France set to experience a 19 per cent drop and Spain a 15 per cent dip.

Wine production is now on course to reach its lowest level for more than 50 years, dropping around 246.7 mhl (hectolitres).

A hectolitre or 100 litres, equates to around 133 bottles of wine. That means a decline of just over 32,800 bottles.

Drinking wine back in the day.
Drink up Before it runs out Image drinking wine

Despite the significant drop in production seen across some of the most popular wine producing nations, some countries have reported an increase.

Argentina, Brazil and Chile are all set to increase production along with Australia and New Zealand. Everyone knows those new world wines are a bit crap compared with their European counterparts though.

It might be time to stock up on your favourite tipple now before prices start to rise or, worse still, supplies run out altogether.

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