Exorcists Blame Drugs And Pornography For Rise In ‘Demonic Attacks’

Priests are accusing porn users and drug takers of 'playing the devil’s game’.

Porn and drugs
Porn and drugs Is this to blame for the rise in exorcisms?

Priests have revealed that there’s been a huge rise in exorcism rates in the US rates over recent years, and they have a pretty good idea of what’s behind it…

Ministers have linked the rise in rates of “demonic attacks” since 2010 with the increased use of drugs and pornography across the nation.

Father Vincent Lampert from Indianapolis has said that he’s seen all kinds of unsettling scenes during his time conducting exorcisms since 2005, and he believes a lot of them are self-inflicted.

Lampert stated that more people insist on ‘playing the devil’s game’, which he describes as watching porn and taking recreational drugs.

The Exorcist curse victim Linda Blair
The Exorcist The power of Christ compels Linda Blair. Image Warner Bros Pictures

Father Lampert told the National Catholic Register: “The problem isn’t that the devil has upped his game, but more people are willing to play it.

“Where there is demonic activity, there is always an entry point,” he added.

As well as drugs and porn, Lampert also blamed people ‘dabbling in the occult’ for the rise in exorcisms.

Speaking about some of the harrowing scenes he’s encountered down the years, he said: “In possessions, I have seen eyes rolled back in the head, throwing out obscenities, bodily contortions, foul odours, temperatures drop in the room, and I’ve witnessed someone levitating.”

So there you have it: According to priests, the power of christ compels you to stop watching porn and taking drugs…

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