Ex-Government Diplomat Sensationally Claims ‘Aliens Are Real’

The truth really is out there...

UFO Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Image Columbia Pictures

The truth is out there, David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder famously said about alien life.

According to revelations from former Chinese diplomat Shi-Li Sun, the X Files agent might well have been onto something – extra-terrestrials are the real deal.

Since leaving government Sun has become a UFO researcher and his thoughts were aired at a summit looking into the possibility of alien life.

As reported by The Express, this disclosure came in front of a panel of six former members of the United States Congress at The Citizen Hearing.

“After years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself, are convinced of the authenticity of UFOs and the existence of UFOs and aliens,” he said.

“I have also written articles that have appeared in China’s encyclopaedia, which is a very prestigious encyclopaedia that was edited by Shen Shituan, a famous scientist in my country.”

The only registered alien disclosure lobbyist in the US is the Paradigm Research Group’s Steve Bassett.

Hillary Clinton had previously vowed to release any government files if elected, but now Paradigm are trying to get her to convince outgoing President Barack Obama to put them out in the open.

Sun, for what it’s worth, believes any alleged UFO sighting needs to be scrutinised.

“Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others it’s unclear,” he said. “All these phenomena are worth researching.”

Maybe this giant unidentified object falling from the sky this week was a sign…

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