Ex Adult Movie Star Reveals Why She Quit To Become Christian Preacher

The 41-year-old was earning huge amounts of money in the 00s - so why did she give it all up?

Crissy Outlaw
Crissy Outlaw The former adult movie star Image Twitter/@Iamcrissy

A former porn star who enjoyed a successful career in the 00s has revealed why she quit the industry to become a Christian preacher.

Crissy Outlaw, real name Crissy Moran, was taking home upwards of $15,000 a month when she worked in the industry in her 20s but left after receiving “a sign from God” telling her to stop.

The 41-year-old worked as an adult performer for six years starting at the age of 23. She filmed 40 scenes and became one of the most in-demand names in the industry. However, she left after finding God.

Speaking to The Kernel, Crissy revealed: “I was making $15,000 a month just from my website. I had months I made another $5,000 to $7,000 from shooting if I wanted to, easily.

“Sometimes I did phone calls for $9.99 a minute, autographed photos, panties; I’ve done that, too. There’s unlimited amounts of money I could have made.”

Crissy Outlaw
Crissy Outlaw The former adult movie star Image Twitter/@iamcrissy

As well as appearing in adult movies, she also modelled for Playboy, before leaving the industry behind for good.

However, the effects of the industry took their toll, and after a string of bad relationships, Crissy looked to God for help.

Then, things changed for her after meeting a Christian named Chris on a shoot in New Mexico back in 2006. The man taught her about the word of God, and she was suddenly convinced to leave her life in porn behind.

Since leaving in 2006, she married a youth pastor and became a Christian speaker, spreading the word of God.

“I don’t look online, I don’t Google anything, I don’t read any of the message boards, I cut that out from my life completely,” she says about her past life.

Crissy Outlaw
Crissy Outlaw The former adult movie star Image Twitter/@iamcrissy

Ever since, Crissy has spoken to young women and warned about the dangers of the industry.

She’s very concerned about the effects on young performers, saying: “Women are getting lured in, sometimes for money, some are single moms or going to school, but they aren’t thinking about what happens down the road.

“I’m a survivor.”

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