Everything You Need To Know About Top Model Arizona Muse

She is from Arizona and she is a muse.

Arizona Muse, a top model on demand Image Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Spain

Few models have created a brand around themselves as strong as Arizona Muse’s. Just her name says it all.

Raised in Tucson, Arizona, Muse’s career began when she was a teenager but didn’t take off until she was in her early twenties. Now 28, the blonde beauty seems to have it all, and she took a moment to speak to loaded about her career and her life in London.

loaded: What is home for you?

Muse: Kensington with my fiancé, Boniface, and seven-year-old son, Nikko. I was born in Arizona where I lived until I was nine. I feel like I’m from both places.

loaded: How often do you fly?

Muse: Once a week on average — on both business and economy. Obviously business is better.

Muse lives in London Image Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

loaded: Most memorable meal?

Muse: Caviar Kaspia in Paris serves caviar over a baked potato. I once went after a shoot with Mario Sorrenti and it was the most delicious thing. The caviar is warmed up over the hot baked potato, and then served with a very light crème fraîche.

loaded: What’s your favourite London landmark?

Muse: My big claim to fame is that my great-great-great-great grandfather was the architect of the Natural History Museum, so I love going there.

loaded: If you could buy any building in the world, which would it be?

Muse: The Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles; I absolutely love art deco architecture.

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loaded: How do you stay in shape?

Muse: I love to go for runs in new cities. Over Christmas I ran up the river Saône in Lyon and discovered a beautiful island in the centre of the river called Île Barbe.

loaded: Favourite shoot location?

Muse: Vietnam was amazing. The shoot was around Hanoi and it’s just beautiful at night: they send tiny paper boats with tea lights in them down the river. Vietnamese food is a favourite, especially spring rolls with rice wrappers and Pho.

Arizona Muse Image Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

loaded: Your dream road-trip buddy?

Muse: I’d go with Bob Dylan in a big old square silver Cadillac and explore the American Deep South, places like Georgia and Louisiana. He wouldn’t even need to sing.

loaded: Extreme sport holiday you’d like to try?

Muse: Kitesurfing — Tarifa is a great spot. We once rented a little house just outside the town and the Spanish food was amazing.

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loaded: What’s your holiday soundtrack?

Muse: I love The xx. ‘Crystalised’ is my favourite track. Nikko is a fan as well. I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Thank you, Arizona, for speaking to loaded. You can follow the model on Instagram.

Credit: Lily Worcester / Evening Standard / The Interview People

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