Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Killer Suit

How to look like Don Draper in seven easy steps.

A suit wearing Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men
Don Draper Smoking Image AMC

Wearing a suit can be a tough thing for a bloke.

Do it right and you’re Steve McQueen, Don Draper and James Bond all rolled into one. Balls it up and you look like a page boy at a wedding.

Pulling off a suit is a style minefield, but fortunately the internet is here to guide you to sartorial glory. YouTube channel Pursuityourself boasts a cracking video giving you seven essential tips every bloke should know about.

“The biggest rookie mistake you can make is trying to buy a black coat to match a black pair of pants you already have,” says the video’s handy guide. “A suit is a matching jacket and pants made out of the same fabric bought at the same time.”

Sounds fairly straight-forward, but this apparently trips up many amateurs.

There are many more great snippets of advice, including the importance of subtle colouring, getting the size measurements bang on and getting a little bit of tailoring to make tiny adjustments.

Watch Pursuityourself’s suit video below:

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