Everyone’s Favourite PC Game Theme Hospital Is Getting A Sequel

Jeremy Hunt take note: this is how you run a hospital.

Theme Hospital.
Theme Hospital. The original and best. Image Electronic Arts.

We are living in the age of the reboot, with the hugely popular PC game, Theme Hospital, the latest big name in line for a revival.

Coming from a simpler time for gamers, Theme Hospital’s setup was simple enough: players were invited to build and maintain their own private hospital. That involved keeping staff happy and curing patients of any number of hilarious and entirely fictional ailments.

First developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts, the business simulator continues to enjoy a cult following among those who still remember a simpler time for gaming.

Theme Hospital.

But now a revival of sorts is on the cards, courtesy of Oxymoron Games and the soon-to-be-released Project Hospital.

The game has been described as the “spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital” and features all the features you loved from the original: designing the hospital, curing patients and managing staff.

It’s a significant step up in terms of gameplay and graphics though and has some welcome new additions, like the option to start the game in a pre-made hospital layout.

There’s a little less dark humour though. In fact, the inclusion of real-life diseases in the hospital and their cures makes for a slightly more morbid gaming experience.project

Project Hospital.

But if you can get past the painful reality of life and existence as we know it, this is a must-play for anyone with fond memories of Theme Hospital.

Project Hospital.

Project Hospital is set to arrive on Steam in 2018.

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