Every English Accent Ranked In Order Of Sexiness

51 UK cities have been ranked by the sexiness of their accents.

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When it comes to accents, everyone has their own personal preferences. Some go weak at the knees at the sound of Scouse, others might be better served by a bit of Brummie.

But while it’s most definitely each to their own when it comes to accents, some are apparently considered sexier than others.

In fact, the blog Lovin Manchester has compiled the definitive list of the sexiest English accents on the planet. A list featuring a whopping 51 different UK cities, the results are likely to leave a fair few people irked.

For starters, Birmingham is ranked a sorry 51st on the list, while it’s not much better for the Bristolians among us, who sit 50th on the list.

Given that the blog is called Lovin Manchester it’s hardly a shock to find Manchester comes in at no.1, just ahead of London, which smacks of pandering to your target audience if you ask us.

There are some minor discrepencies though. For example, the Gloucester accent comes in 4th despite sounding not all that dissimilar to the Bristol one.

Frank Skinner and the Three Lions gang.

Lichfield also features at no.9 despite basically being a watered down Brummie accent.

Anyway, who are we to dispute such a carefully compiled piece of work. Here’s the top 51 – where does your home city feature?

51. Birmingham

50. Bristol

49. Hull

48. Sheffield

47. Wolverhampton

46. Wakefield

45. Norwich

44. St Albans

43. Salisbury

42. Southampton

41. Truro

40. Coventry

39. Newcastle

38. Leicester

37. Portsmouth

36. Preston

35. Exeter

34. Peterborough

33. Durham

32. Sunderland

31. York

30. Plymouth

29. Stoke-on-Trent

28. Liverpool

27. Reading

26. Winchester

25. Wells

24. Warrington

23. Bradford

22. Lincoln

21. Chester

20. Worcester

19. Lancaster

18. Bath

17. Brighton

16. Canterbury

15. Chelmsford

14. Carlisle

13. Chichester

12. Derby

11. Ely


9. Lichfield

8. Oxford

7. Nottingham

6. Ripon

5. Salford

4. Gloucester

3. Cambridge

2. London

1. Manchester


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