Americans! This Is What Europeans Actually Think Donald Trump Would Be Like As President

Turns out they're pretty terrified about the whole thing...

Donald Trump and Hillary Trump
The next US President? What do Europeans actually make of Trump and Hillary? Image Getty Images

As you probably know, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going head to head in the US election next week, where one of them will be named leader of the free world.

Trump has become the most notorious candidate in US parliamentary history over in the States, but have you ever wondered what Europeans actually think about him?

YouGov has now released a study that shows how people outside the US actually think of Trump and Clinton, and Americans might want to take note…

Trump might be performing alarmingly well in the US, but the new study shows that if the election was held in Europe, Hillary Clinton would win with a landslide 87-94% of the vote.

Donald Trump
Image Spencer Platt/Getty Images

People in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway are all pretty terrified of the prospect of President Trump, with most reportedly believing he’d be a “terrible” leader.

They’re not too keen on Hillary either, with most saying she’d only be an “average” president.

The study also found that Europeans were “afraid” of Trump becoming president, and they’d express “disappointment”, “anger”, “sadness”, “pity” and “amusement” if he did win.

Whatever you think of the two candidates, we’ll all be glued to the news when the result is announced on November 8.

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