This is how much it costs to complete a Euro 2016 Panini sticker album

Start saving those pennies.

Euro 2016 Panini sticker album
Got, got, need! Euro 2016's Panini sticker album. Image Picture Panini

It doesn’t feel like a major football tournament without a sticker album from Panini.

Euro 2016 is no different, and when the tournament’s in full swing expect books, stickers and “swapsies” to be flying around schools and offices across the country.

If you’re a hardcore Panini fan, though, it might be worth first thinking about your bank balance.

The Euro 2016 album contains a huge 680 spaces for players, teams and managers. Stickers are available at 50p for a pack of five.

“If you really are this lucky, then I might suggest that you regularly play the National Lottery.”

Crunching the numbers, Maths professor Paul Harper from Cardiff University has come up with the best and worst case scenarios for cash outlay to complete the album.

Lucky punters can buy 136 packets (680 slots at 5 stickers per-pack) at a cost of £68. The odds of this happening are mighty slim, though. Harper suggests taking a punt on something else instead.

“If you really are this lucky, then I might suggest that you regularly play the National Lottery,” he told Wales Online.

“The 136 packets also assumes no duplicate stickers within the same packet, something Panini state is the case. In reality, however, the more you collect the higher the chance of duplicates.”

On average, though, you’ll have to shell out £374 on 747 packets in order to get enough stickers to cover all your bases. That’s an investment in 3,733 stickers in total.


Nothing quite beats the euphoria of carefully placing that final sticker into place? But doing so is a pricey endeavour.

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