Essential Guide To Wearing The S**T Out Of A Suit

Just Dandy

Bond, James Bond can wear a killer suit. Literally. He is the connoisseur of the black tie. These days, the suit is still synonymous with elegance and formality. Anyone can wear one and that makes us happy, because we need to fancy it up at loaded. 

A Brief History of Suits

Metrosexuals started the trend, or rather Dandys as they were called in the early 19th century. Dandy men were those who cared about their appearance. One such dandy was Beau Brummell, an iconic figure in Regency England and an all-round snazzy dresser. 

It was Beau that established a style featuring more fitted, bespoke garments as opposed to the ornate, fluffy sleeves type of dress that was common during the time. 

Over time suits have evolved and styles have come and gone. Including: The Mod, The Beatle, The Safari, The Nudie, The Zoot and The Nehru. 

Here’s a fun Infographic that breaks down the modern suit and how it should be worn for optimal dandiness. Dandy it up like Beau. 

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