Eric Cantona reveals his greatest ever Manchester United goal

Anyone thinking the Frenchman would pick that Sunderland strike would be mistaken.

Eric Cantona Manchester United v Manchester City
King Eric Eric Cantona in action for Manchester United against Manchester City. Image Picture Anton Want/Getty

Eric Cantona has revealed which goal he ranks as the “greatest” from his time at Manchester United – and it’s not the one you think.

The Frenchman scored 80 goals in less than five years at Old Trafford, winning four Premier League titles and two FA Cups to further cement his status as a Manchester United legend.

For many, the pinnacle of Cantona’s time at the club came with his lobbed finish during a league victory over Sunderland, with the Frenchman playing a one-two with Brian McClair before delicately lifting the ball over the on-rushing Lionel Perez.

It was a sublime goal, the perfect mix of skill, precision, team-work and individual brilliance.

But, regardless of what we think about his Black Cats wonder strike, Cantona has other ideas when it comes to selecting his greatest ever goal for Manchester United.

Quizzed on the topic by New Strait Times, the Frenchman offered up an alternative choice.

“The goal in the FA Cup final against Liverpool is my greatest ever,” he said. “I volleyed home the winning goal.”

Though the goal was memorable for helping United secure more silverware and another double, at the expensive of their old rivals Liverpool, few would ever rank it as Cantona’s greatest strike.

Then again, the Red Devils icon may simply be stirring the pot a little, especially if his other comments concerning the Merseysiders are anything to go by.

Asked if he can recall ever having a poor game against the Reds, Cantona left readers in no doubt about his allegiances.

“You should ask Liverpool fans whether I ever had a poor game against their team. United always won.”

Not quite Eric – United lost two of their 10 encounters with Liverpool in which Cantona played.

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