Enner Valencia “fakes injury” to avoid police and alimony payments

The Everton striker had to dodge the authorities while on international duty.

Enner Valencia playing for the Ecuador national team.
Enner Valencia Playing for the Ecuador national team Image Getty

Everton’s Enner Valencia was the talk of Ecuador after inspiring the national team to a 3-0 victory over Copa American holders Chile, before evading police by faking an injury and making his escape in a nearby ambulance.

The 26-year-old was among Los Amarillos’ star performers on a memorable night, setting up the first goal in a victory that moved Ecuador one step closer to the World Cup in Russia.

However, his on-the-field escapades were ultimately overshadowed by goings-on off the pitch, with Valencia seemingly staging an elaborate escape to avoid the clutches of local police.

The striker reportedly owes his ex-partner around £13,350 in child support payment, despite most likely being on a lucrative contract as a player in the Premier League.

Having issued a warrant for his arrest, the authorities were waiting in the wings for the game to finish when Valencia carried out his Ocean’s Eleven-style escape.

Subbed off in the 82nd minute with an “injury”, Valencia was carried on a small buggy to a nearby ambulance, with the police present realising, as he made his escape, that a dastardly plan was afoot.

Giving chase to the buggy, the officers failed to apprehend Valencia who made it into the ambulance and out of the ground.

Though far from confirmed, it has been speculated that Valencia would have received help from his national team’s coaching staff and teammates to carry off the plan.

In any case it seems to have done the trick: the arrest warrant against him as been revoked.

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