Office workers build Game of Thrones inspired castle cubicle

These workers may have had too much time on their hands.

Viking Office Fort
Fit For A King. The cardboard castle even had a drawbridge. Image Viking

An imaginative group of employees have successfully channeled their love for Game of Thrones and all things medieval into a fully functioning cardboard castle.

It all started when the managers at Viking Direct decided to let their office teams dress up their cubicles, in a bid to lift the mood during the traditionally dour post-Christmas period.

However, they could not have predicted what came next as four members of the creative team decided to live up to their status within the company by producing the imaginative decorations.

Built using discarded cardboard boxes that had been steadily collected from the company’s warehouse, the fearsome foursome set about creating their very own castle – complete with a fully functioning drawbridge.

Evidently inspired by the Game of Thrones led renaissance of sword and sorcery based antics, those involved put in some serious hours too, with the build taking some seven hours to complete.

The entire planning and construction process was chronicled in a video.

Viking Building Our Giant Cardboard Office Castle.

With plenty of cardboard and glue involved in the making of this man-fort of sorts, their only concern now is whether it meets the approval of office health and safety.

Meanwhile, these avid Game of Thrones fans do not have long to wait for the next series of the show to air with Season Six set to commence on Sunday April 24th in the US and the following day on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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