They’ve done the math and the perfect England manager in waiting is….

Could this be the man to end fifty two years of hurt?

England expects Find out where our Three Lions come from. Image Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Settle down Alan Shearer, on your bike Jurgen Klinsmann and au revoir Arsene Wenger because the bookies have worked out the best England manager in waiting and it’s none other than…Sam Allardyce. 

Bookmakers BWIN have had a look through the records of the last 16 years of World Cups and European Championships to try and decipher what ingredients the perfect England boss should have.

They looked through the traits of successful international managers to provide England with the ideal candidate for the recently vacated managerial position.

Based on age, club experience before becoming an international manager, international experience, number of different leagues managed in, domestic league titles won, six or less international caps and four+ trophies won, the blueprint is here.

Allardyce has of course being mentioned for the job with one particular Scottish man that is fairly well known around Manchester tipping Big Sam for the job. 

He’s currently second favourite for the job with the FA thought to have narrowed their search down to a shortlist of four men – Jurgen Klinsmann, Arsene Wenger, Glenn Hoddle and the Sunderland boss. 

Could Allardyce become England manager? We’re not holding our breath.

How inspiring! 

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