England fan celebrates late winner by getting Harry Kane tattoo on his bum

Harry Kane has got a lot to answer for.

A “passionate” English football fan has decided to show his appreciation for Harry Kane’s last-gasp winner against Tunisia with a distinctive bit of body art.

Kane was the hero for the Three Lions, scoring the second of two goals in the 91st minute to hand Gareth Southgate and England a dream start to the World Cup in Russia.

The goal and result prompted mass celebrations among fans up and down England and beyond – but one supporter decided to take things a little further.

Keen to commemorate the England captain’s late header, he opted to have the Tottenham striker’s surname alongside the time “90+1” on his buttocks.

A picture of the tattoo was subsequently shared on social media, prompting a mixed response from fellow Twitter users.

Some were impressed, others were disgusted. A fair few probably thought, like all England fans, he was getting a little ahead of himself.

Eventually, the recipient was identified as a man called Sean, who told Metro he had “no regrets” about getting that tattoo done.

According to Sean, it all stemmed from when England got that final corner of the came.

“I said if we score I pour my pint over myself, decided to get the tattoo straight after, no regrets. “It’s coming home.”‘

He’s still got some way to go before he matches one Brazilian superfan, who had his team’s entire shirt tattooed onto his torso.

Here’s hoping they don’t undergo a massive redesign…

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