The End Of The World Is Almost Upon Us … Again

The conspiracy theorists are adamant that this time the end is truly nigh.

Planet X
Planet X Also known as Nibiru

Be sure to tick a few things off your bucket list and tell those loved ones how much you truly care, because the end of the world is fast approaching.

And if that warning sounds all-too-familiar it’s probably because this is the second time in the space of a few weeks that conspiracy theorists have foretold of the imminent destruction of Planet Earth.

Last time round David Meade was warning that the world would end on September 23, but it would appear that the author and long time harbinger of doom got his sums wrong.

Instead, he’s now predicting that October 15 will mark the date when something called the “seven year tribulation” will begin.

It’s all too do with Nibiru – better known as Planet X – a mysterious hidden planet that is apparently set to move past Earth in the coming days, prompting seven days of tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes that will destroy life as we know it.

Of course, NASA has maintained its insistence that Planet X has never existed and is merely the inventive creation of conspiracy theorists, but Meade and his fellow believers remain convinced.

They even point to the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean and America as proof that the end is nigh. The seven years of chaos they foretold of may also include a full-blown nuclear war, with the US and UK predicted to engage with the likes of North Korea and Iran in the coming years, according to the prophecy.

An example of an Exoplanet. Image NASA

The claims rely on a section of the Bible Meade reckons warns of all of this and should obviously be taken with an industrial-sized dollop of salt – they have already said September 23 would be the end of the world.

Even so, it might be wise to have everything in order for October 15. Just in case, of course.

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