Emma Watson Suffered An Epic Tattoo Fail At Oscars

She was trying to make a statement but failed to check her spelling.

Emma Watson and her new tattoo.

If Emma Watson was hoping to make an impact on the red carpet at the Oscars, she succeeded.

Unfortunately, for the Harry Potter star, it may not end up being for the reasons she would have hoped.

Watson certainly wowed on her arrival at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. Pretty much everyone who is anyone in Hollywood was in attendance – and Watson was intent on sending a message.

As well as a new hairdo and striking outfit, the actress also sported something new on her arm: a tattoo.

But this wasn’t just any tattoo. Watson’s new inking read “Times p” in reference to the ongoing Hollywood movement against sexua harassment in the industry.

Emma Watson and her new tattoo.

The only problem was that Watson clearly didn’t check her tattoo artist’s work – an apostrophe was missing between the “e” and the “s”, thus giving the message an entirely different meaning.

As embarrassing as the situation may have been at the time, it is at least easily fixable, which is more than you can say about most other tattoo fails.

Simply insert the apostrophe and the problem is solved. Then again, it may not actually be a proper tattoo – no one has been able to verify if it’s an actual inking or a temporary transfer.

Emma Watson and her new tattoo.

In any case, fans on Twitter have already had their fun, with social media awash with comments on this most epic of fails.

2017 was a pretty mixed year for Watson, in terms of films, with her live-action Beauty and the Beast remake cleaning up at the box office while her other film, technology thriller The Circle, died a death.

Fingers crossed for a better 2018 – starting with that tattoo.

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