Emily Sears sizzles in new topless poses

The Aussie model gets raunchy on both Instagram and her new campaign.

Emily Sears at the 2015 Super Bowl Party in Phoenix
Searing hot Emily Sears is flying high.

Famed for her take no prisoners attitude to pervy admirers who send her solo-loving snaps, Emily Sears has just sent her online following into a frenzy with her latest pictures.

First, the Aussie model went topless in a revealing shoot for fashion agency Lickerish. Then Sears posted some typically sensational Instagram poses. They included a video of Sears in her lingerie – which we’re sharing below, because we’re nice like that.


A video posted by Emily Sears (@emilysears) on

The double whammy by the 31-year-old came after she famously hit back at an online troll who sent her an Instagram video of him jacking off. When Sears understandably responded “You know what? That’s fucking disgusting,” the dopey troll continued to insist he was in the right by telling Sears: “You love it, you dirty slut.”

As a reminder of “Do you kiss your mother with that foul mouth?”, Sears tracked down the troll’s mum on Facebook and posted her the Instagram exchange, telling her: “Just so you know, this is what your son is up to.” Which is a fantastic nuclear button to press to end a troll.

A topless Emily Sears
On top down under Emily Sears, queen of the troll killers. Image Picture Lickerish

Sears revealed in January that she gets about two dick pics a day from whackjobs who think that’s the classy shortcut to win her over. So Sears has been busy contacting the guys’ girlfriends of what their blokes are up to. “Girls should stick together,” says Sears.

In a disturbing twist, one of the trolls’ girlfriends responded to Sears on Twitter, saying: “I just found out he sent dick pics to four other girls. He hit me when I broke up with him. But thank you – I’m free of him now.”

Sears has 2.8 million Instagram followers, and thankfully not all of them are sad sacks. Remember: please masturbate responsibly.

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