Emily Ratajkowski leaves little to the imagination on Instagram

The model is about as subtle as a sledgehammer when it comes to social media

Emily Ratajkowski strips into swimsuit
Sizzling Ratajkowski had tongues wagging with her latest shots Image Photo Express One Eleven

Emily Ratajkowski has been at it again on ‘the social media’ with a pair of scintillating shots uploaded that perfectly highlight the model’s oh-so-impressive assets.

The 25-year-old model is no stranger to posing for the occasional snap as part of some far-flung beach/bed based magazine of fashion-focused photoshoot.

But these latest uploads may be among her most revealing yet with Ratajkowki bringing out the big guns for a display that leaves little to the imagination.

Born in Westminster, London, to American parents, these latest pictures could be enough to prompt some kind of international incident.

Hat game: ??

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Forget the debate over Brexit – if David Cameron catches a glimpse at these bad boys, he is going to be more concerned with strengthening trade with our US neighbours then engaging in another slanging match with Nigel ‘Toad of Toad Hall’ Farage.

At the very least, DC will want to ensure the UK opens its borders – and arms – as far open as possible to welcome and accommodate the blurred lines beauty.

This is no debate about the likes of Ratajkowski coming over here and stealing our jobs – the model has already done a fine job of stealing our hearts and minds.

And there is no need to use Switzerland as an example of what an intendant, free-trading state would look like – they are just as smitten by Emily as we are and would no doubt open their borders and banks to usher in the reign of Ratajkowski.


A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

So while the European debate burns on getting more boring with each passing day, let us just sit back and celebrate one of Britain’s best exports.

Emily, you may be American but you will always be one of us.

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