Emily Bath-ajkowski

Actress turns up the heat with nude Instagram posts.

Emily Ratajkowski
"Snowed in" Emily keeping warm. Image Instagram

She stripped off for the infamous Blurred Lines video, and now Emily Ratajkowski has done it again, much to the delight of her four million Instagram followers.

Ratajkowski informed her online disciples that she was snowed in, presumably with someone who was able to take the image, as she sipped wine in her bath.

It seemed to be a day without clobber from Ratajkowski, who earlier chose to strip off to mark the announcement of her new partnership with Girls creator Lena Dunham – telling her followers that she’s written an essay for Dunham’s weekly newsletter, Lenny.

Emily Ratajkowski
"I've written an essay" Emily Ratajkowski ponders her next Lenny article. Image Instagram

Ratajkowski revealed that her essay will be entitled Baby Woman and that the article is “near and dear” to her. The essay will be available online tomorrow, with Ratajkowski’s Instagram also providing a link to access it.

The Gone Girl actress hit the headlines at the weekend when she showed her support for US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The 24-year-old gave a gave a speech introducing Democrat hopeful Sanders at a rally, during which she stated: “Just to make one thing clear, I’m here to support Bernie Sanders, not for the boys”.

That was a reference to veteran feminist campaigner Gloria Steinem’s comment that women are supporting Sanders’ campaign because “That’s where the boys are.”

“I think if you’re a public figure, you have a responsibility to say something for a cause you truly believe in and help it on its course,” Ratajkowski added. “It’s incredibly frustrating that society somehow feels that women can’t manage to be political, feminist and a sex symbol.”

The star predictably faced a backlash for her pledging her support to Sanders, with some cruel jibes telling her to “Shut up and look pretty.”

Hopefully Ratajkowski’s Lenny essay will clearly explain that it is indeed possible to strip off for (an admittedly icky) pop video and still be able to sensibly voice opinions about politics.

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