Emily Ratajkowski Turns Up The Heat For Halloween As Curvaceous Cleopatra

The 25-year-old dressed as the Queen of Egypt for a Bacardi Halloween party in Brooklyn.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski The model and all round superstar Image Picture Amore & Sorvete

As the last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, Cleopatra holds a pretty special place in history so it’s somewhat appropriate that, in 2016, Emily Ratajkowski should be the one to dress as this iconic figure for Halloween.

The 25-year-old Gone Girl star is a global phenomenon with some 8.8 million followers on Instagram and a further 879,000 fans on Twitter.

More importantly, Ratajkowski has emerged as more than just your average model/actress, offering up intelligent and insightful comment on everything from female body issues to the ongoing US elections.

Emily Ratajkowski's Halloween outfit
Emily is Cleopatra Image Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

So when the Kensington-born catwalk queen opted to dress as Julius Caesar’s better half for the Bacardi x Kenzo Digital We Are The Night Halloween Party in Brooklyn, no one was complaining.

After all, few of today’s stars embody the same commanding voice and independent spirit of Cleopatra, or the version of Cleopatra present in Hollywood film down the years – the real-life Cleopatra was considerably younger than the one depicted on the big screen.

Emily Ratajkowski as Cleopatra
Emily again Ratajkowski is more than your average model/actress. Image Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

More importantly, Ratajkowski looks positively regal in her new Egyptian attire, leaving plenty of fans and admirers alike saying “Phar-oh my!” or some other Pyramid-related pun.

Though not necessarily the scariest of Halloween costumes – perhaps she got the wrong end of the stick when someone suggested she dress as an Egyptian mummy – this is one ancient figure you wouldn’t mind being haunted by.

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