Emily Ratajkowski goes cheeky for her first ever swimwear shoot

It's all down to love and ice cream...

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski The model and all round superstar Image Picture Amore & Sorvete

What we’re about to say may shock you to your very core.

Are you sitting down? Good. Actress, model and Instagram favourite Emily Ratajkowski has never done a swimsuit shoot before.

Until now.

Ratajkowski got extremely cheeky in a jaw-dropping bikini campaign for Australian brand Amore & Sorvete.

Emily Ratajkowski swimsuit campaign for Amore & Sorvete
Swimsuit debut Emily Ratajkowski with inspiration from love and ice cream. Image Picture Amore & Sorvete

The bikinis come in standard issue or Brazilian-cut bikini bottoms, which Ratajkowski models in stunning fashion.

“I love a good Brazilian cheeky bottom.”

Speaking to InStyle to promote the 2016-2017 collection, Ratajkowski revealed that she fell for Amore & Sorvete’s clobber when she was doing a Sports Illustrated shoot.

“I get a lot of different bathing suits and I’ve shot in a lot of different bathing suits, and there was just something about the fit that was extra special,” she said.

Amore & Sorvete, which means ‘love and ice cream’ in Portuguese, is heaven sent for Ratajkowski, who can’t get enough of a good Brazilian cut bikini.

“All of the bottoms to me are just amazing. I grew up in San Diego and I love a good Brazilian cheeky bottom. I think it’s the most flattering,” she explained.

“But also for me, I’m a fuller cup size and it’s hard to always find support. There’s a bralette that’s really nice that also has the support but is still cute, which is great.”

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