Aussie Model Ellie Gonsalves Fired Up The Super Bowl With Her Appearance

Wanna pet my 'roo?

Ellie the Aussie in a Super Bowl advertisement for Yellow Tail wines Image Yellow Tail

Australian wine brand Yellow Tail just paid a pile of cash to have their advertisement feature among the troop of Super Bowl promos that we enjoy every year.

What made this one particularly special was an appearance by Australian model Ellie Gonsalves who made her USA debut in the ad, which follows a yellow suited Aussie and kangaroo around to different locales, spouting the slogan, “let’s yellowtail!’ GUESS


The reaction online to her short cameo was enthusiastic to say the least, despite only being on the screen for less than a minute her impact was widely felt.



Ellie has fingers in several pies, so to speak – she’s the face of GUESS Jeans Lingerie & Accessoriesand moved to Los Angeles a year ago to improve her chances of world domination.

It’s so far, so good, with the Aussie star wrangling 1.6 million followers on Instagram already, making the Yellowtail campaign just another “shrimp on the barbie”.

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According to her Instagram she was also supporting the Patriots for Super Bowl 51, we’re guessing she has yet another reason to celebrate this week after their win.

We're #Patriots girls. ???@pompomdaisy #SB51 #SuperBowl #SuperBowlLI

A photo posted by ELLIE GONSALVES (@ellie_gonsalves) on

What’s next for Ellie? Well, she’s busy with her global ambassadorship for the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Charity. She also recently filmed a major motion picture in Boston, MA so look out for Ms. Gonsalves to grace your screens this year.

Struth! There is no stopping this Sheila.

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