The Fate Of Prometheus Survivor Elizabeth Shaw May Have Been Revealed

The latest Alien: Covenant teaser offered up the clearest sign yet

Noomi Rapace in Prometheus
Dr Shaw What happened next? Image Fox

Noomi Rapace’s Dr Elizabeth Shaw may have escaped the events of Prometheus relatively unscathed – save for one rather quick pregnancy – but fresh footage from the upcoming Alien: Covenant suggests that’s about as good as it got for her.

A new trailer, which appear on Instagram, has offered up the clearest indication yet that Dr Shaw is most definitely not alive and well.

Posted to the account emoh_em_ekat alongside the hashtag #emohemekat which both read Take Me Home backward, the 15-second clip uses the 1971 John Denver song of the same name to soundtrack some unsettling new footage.

In the clip, Katherine Waterston’s Daniels and two of her fellow crew members, played by Amy Seimetz and Demian Bichir, come across some dog tags and a strange holographic video.

The tags belong to Shaw, adding to the feeling that Rapace’s character may well be the strange figure that features on the hologram they discover.

Is she deceased and offering up a warning from beyond the grave? Then again, perhaps it’s just the recording of a distress call she made long ago.

Either way, all of the signs point toward Rapace playing little part in proceedings this time round.


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For starters, there’s the fact that the film is set a decade after the events of Prometheus, meaning Shaw would have spent a decade alone on a strange alien planet.

Then there’s the film’s official synopsis, which claims that the colony ship Covenant comes across a strange planet with one sole inhabitant – the synthetic David, played by Michael Fassbender.

Is Dr Shaw really dead or is she, in fact, the mysterious hooded character spotted in one of the initial trailers?

One final theory could be that Rapace has emerged as some sort of stand-in xenomorph queen. Think about it: she did give birth to the very first alien back in Prometheus so will potentially share some common DNA with the beasts we’ve seen in all the trailers for Covenant.

And let’s not forget how the clone of Ellen Ripley enjoyed a similar rapport with the beasts in Alien: Resurrection, given their shared genetic code. Mind you, would any new Alien film really be as daft as to reference that film?

It’s too early to say either way, but loaded is already excited.

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