Elizabeth Hurley’s sensational “Bikini Time” selfie defies all logic

The Austin Powers star appears to have defied the laws of time.

Elizabeth Hurley posing on the red carpet.
Elizabeth Hurley Hugh Grant's ex continues to defy the passing of time. Image Getty

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the titular Dr Jones went in search of the Holy Grail and the Cup of Christ, a receptacle capable of granting immortality to whomever drank from it.

What moviegoers probably didn’t realise at the time, however, was that such a cup not only exists but is currently in the possession of Elizabeth Hurley.

That’s pretty much the only explanation loaded can come up with as to why the 51-year-old continues to defy all convention when it comes to ageing.

It’s not just that Hurley is growing old gracefully – she’s actually improving with age and the one person we feel sorry for in all of this is Hugh Grant.

Elizabeth Hurley poses on Instagram.
Elizabeth Hurley "Bikini time" Image Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

A former squeeze of the model and sometime actress, Grant has been forced to watch on as the passing of time ravishes his once foppish good looks, all while Hurley goes from strength to strength.

It’s been said before that Hurley is not of this world but perhaps there is more to that statement than first thought.

Maybe Hurley is some sort of Species-style alien being, draining the life-force of all those around her – that would certainly explain Shane Warne’s dramatic weight loss while the pair were together.

Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram
Elizabeth Hurley How does she do it? Image Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram.

Whatever the case, Hurley has been showcasing her incredible curves and youthful looks once again on Instagram with a picture that comes with the confident caption of “Bikini Time.”

Oh Liz, forget bikini time. Right now, it’s just plain old Hurley time.

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