From Passenger 57 to Austin Powers: Elizabeth Hurley’s sexiest movie moments

With Elizabeth Hurley turning 51 Loaded looks back at her sexiest movie moments

Elizabeth Hurley
Bedazzling Hurley Liz has turned 51 but continues to stun

The English rose that is Elizabeth Hurley turns 51 today and while there’ll be plenty of fans out there keen to sample some of her more salacious photoshoots, here at Loaded we are looking back at some of Liz’s sexiest movie moments.

Because our Liz is so much more than your average model/pin-up. Not only did she make Hugh Grant the foppish, floppy-haired rom-com king he is today but she also turned Shane Warne into something approaching a respectable human being.

Yes, the back catalogue of film and television roles may be a little sparse but one thing is for sure, whatever the movie or ill-advised TV outings Hurley has always been hot, hot, hot.


Passenger 57

Liz gives it her all as a flight attendant-turned terrorist in this Wesley Snipes Die Hard rip-off. Still, we’ve never wanted to join the mile high club more than after seeing her star turn.


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Hurley was at her shagadelic best during Mike Myers’ first outing as the sex-mad British spy. The film is littered with memorably sexy moments and this photoshoot scene does not disappoint.



This film within a film effort, which Hurley also co-produced, was a largely forgettable affair but it did at least have a few steamy clinches involving the national treasure, herself. Bravo!


Double Whammy

Dennis Leary is one lucky guy. Not only did he successfully forge a career as a stand-up by essentially stealing the blueprint set out by Bill Hicks, but he also got to lock lips with our Liz on Double Whammy.

Double jammy, more like!


My Favourite Martian

My Favourite Martian was supposed to be a kids film but not told Hurley, who turned up in a serious of increasingly saucy outfits that made this a favourite flick among adolescent boys. Go Liz!


Dangerous Ground

A critical and commercial flop upon its release, Dangerous Ground (renamed Dangerous Game by this YouTuber) did at least feature a super hot Hurley at her mid-to-late 90s peak. God bless ya marm…



This remake of the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore classic was doomed from the start but not because of Hurley’s fine turn as a super seductive devil – we’re pointing the finger of blame firmly at Brendan Fraser for this one!


Serving Sara

Serving Sara was supposedly the film that killed the movie careers of both Hurley and co-star Matthew Perry. While it certainly did that for Hurley, there is still plenty to enjoy here. It is a terrible film though.


Gossip Girl

Hurley’s guest appearances on Gossip Girl were a veritable wet dream for fans of Hugh Grant’s one-time better half. Playing the role of mature seductress, Liz had people Googling her name faster than the answer to your average Eggheads brainteaser. 


The Royals

What would a Royal Family headed up by Elizabeth Hurley look like? Well, there would be lots of nudity, that is for sure. A trashy favourite among UK viewers, we strongly recommend you track this down and enjoy.

What’s your favourite sexy movie moment involving Elizabeth Hurley? Comment with your choice of film clip below.

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