Elizabeth Banks Gives Rita Repulsa Sexy Upgrade For Power Rangers Movie

The Pitch Perfect star is a serious improvement on the villain familiar to millions of fans.

Rita Repulsa gets an upgrade Image Saban

Elizabeth Banks has given Power Rangers arch nemesis Rita Repulsa a sexy upgrade ahead of the release of the new movie.

The first full images of The Hunger Games star in her new role as the Rangers’ ultimate foe have been released online and it’s fair to say that Rita is looking pretty good these days.

The original Rita Repulsa
Rita Repulsa Sort of lived up to the name back then. Image Saban

A staple of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series, with relatively unknown actresses Machiko Soga and Carla Perez taking on the part from 1993 through to 1998, there’s something distinctly different about Banks’ incarnation.

Much of the furore has to do with the striking, metallic green bodysuit the new-look Rita Repulsa sports, which comes complete with a couple of rather striking breast plates.

Elizabeth Banks in Power Rangers
Elizabeth Banks Looks very different. Image Power Rangers

It’s a far cry from the baggier, more witch like attire the character sported in the series though it’s probably for the best – most of the fans who grew up watching Rita do her thing on the show are a lot older and wiser to the world these days.

Banks is not the only character to set pulses racing ahead of the release of the new Power Rangers movie, with familiar favourite the Pink Ranger proving equally eye catching.

The Pink Power Ranger
The Pink Power Ranger Somethings different here.

Once again, the Pink Rangers’ new garb is proving quite the distraction and is offered up in stark contrast to the attire of the gang’s other female member, the Yellow Ranger.

The Yellow Power Ranger
Yellow Power Ranger Not quite the same Image The Yellow Power Ranger

First played by everyone’s secret schoolyard crush Amy Jo Johnson, Naomi Scott will be stepping into the role of the Pink Ranger this time round having most recently features in Ridley Scott’s The Martin and, more bizarrely, ITV Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis.

The Power Rangers reboot arrives in cinemas in March 2017.

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