90-year-old man swears at police after being arrested for soliciting prostitute

Don't mess with this guy

Patricia Arquette plays a sex worker
Almost legal? Prostitution worker (not one in story) Image Picture Michael Parmalee/NBC

An elderly man from Massachusetts was charged with solicitation of a prostitute after reporting a theft in his home, when he noticed a necklace had been taken.

On June 22 Nicholas Salerno, 90, paid Karen Proia, 48, $100 to perform a sex act. When Mr. Salerno reported his necklace missing on June 30 police informed him that he would also be charged with a crime, solicitation of a prostitute.

When a police officer reported to Mr. Salerno what would happen to him the elderly man informed the cop: “I don’t give a *expletive. I’m 90 years old …”

Police later recovered the necklace.

Both parties appeared in court on Tuesday where Ms Proia was charged with larceny and prostitution while Mr Salerno was also present for his case.

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