El Chapo ‘Going Crazy’ In Prison Over Lack Of Sex

The drug lord's conjugal trailer time has been slashed.

El Chapo
Under arrest El Chapo is escorted by Mexican marines. Image Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images

El Chapo is reportedly having a tough time of it in prison – with sleep deprivation, hallucinations, memory loss and sex starvation striking down the Mexican drug lord.

According to the The Sun, Joaquin Guzman’s wife Emma Coronel has filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission, saying that being held in isolation is a form of psychological torture that’s sending El Chapo “crazy”.

Coronel has also claimed that the authorities’ decision to cut Guzman’s allotted weekly lovemaking time from four hours to two is a move too far.

El Chapo is said to be in a constant sleep-deprived state, with lights in his cell being kept on 24 hours a day and guards waking him up every four hours for roll calls.

As reported by the LA Times, Guzman told doctors that he would prefer to be physically beaten rather than undergo the psychological torture he’s experiencing.

“They have not beaten me, but I would prefer that,” he’s quoted as saying.

Renato Sales Heredia, the national security head, revealed to a local radio station that Guzman has been visited by 35 relatives following his transfer to prison in Juarez.

“The truth is he has not been subjected to torture, of course, or any degrading or inhuman treatment,” said Sales.

El Chapo famously sprung himself out of prison on two previous occasions. The first was a 2001 jailbreak that saw him escape in a laundry load, while the second, following his 2014 recapture, involved tunnelling out of his cell at the Altiplano prison.

Third time’s a charm?

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