Ghost Or Sick Hoax? Eerie Image Has Facebook Users Baffled

You might think there’s a reasonable explanation for this – but there isn’t

A ghost sighting to chill you to the core.
Fact or fiction? Decide for yourself Image Facebook

A woman in Australia claims to have found evidence of a “real life legitimate ghost” in an eerie snap taken just days after the death of a close relative.

Dayna Lynch, from Melbourne, made the discovery after taking a picture of her dad, Paul, with his partner Safiye Alev while they watched TV.

It was only when the 18-year-old took a closer look at the resulting photo that things got a little strange, with Lynch uploading the image to Facebook where it has since divided opinion.

As well as picturing the couple, the camera picked up the sight of a floating head poking out from the door behind the couple at an unusual angle.

Speaking to 7 News Online, Lynch claimed the image was clear “evidence” of a “real life legitimate ghost”.

“I hoped to catch a cute sentimental photo without them knowing,” she explained.

A picture of a possible ghost.
Ghost or hoax? You decide? Image Dayna Elizabeth Lynch/Facebook

“Instead, the flash went off and this eerie face appeared behind it. Upon inspection I realised that someone was floating sideways behind the door. It is not a reflection.”

Immediately noticing the strange floating head, Lynch and her family attempted to recreate the picture several times, but failed to find the same strange spectre in place.

What made the story all the more bizarre, however, was the fact that the design of the door would make it almost impossible for a person to be visible from inside.

“As you can see can see the lights are blurred and you can’t see [the couple] that well in the frosted glass. You can’t see through the glass either. Which confuses me because the ghost appears to be behind the door,” Lynch told 7 News Online.

“No one is standing behind it.”

To silence the doubters further, Lynch even put the image through photo enhancing software to try and get an explanation but failed to come up with any solid answers.

A picture of a ghost on Facebook
That face The angle and expression are all kinds of wrong Image Dayna Elizabeth Lynch/Facebook

Lynch has her own ideas about the origins though, noting that she had recently returned from Turku, where her elderly grandmother recently passed away.

Could the spectre be the spirit of her grandmother? It’s certainly one theory. The whole thing could also yet prove to be a hoax, but the angle and strange, blank expression of the face seen in the window certainly adds to the eeriness.

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