Ed Helms and Owen Wilson hit the road in Who’s Your Daddy? trailer

The Hangover star is teaming up with a Wedding Crasher in this new comedy.

Who's Your Daddy
Who's Your Daddy? Owen Wilson and Ed Helms in their new comedy. Image 20th Century Fox

The trailer for upcoming buddy comedy Who’s Your Daddy? has arrived with Ed Helms and Owen Wilson teaming up as brothers on the search for their biological father but seemingly side-tracked by debates over picking up hitchhikers.

Growing up, Peter and Kyle Reynolds (Helms and Wilson) always believe their father had died when they were young.

However, a shock revelation from their eccentric mother (Glenn Close) sets them on a path of discovery as the pair go on a road trip in search of their real dad.

Who's Your Daddy?
Who's Your Daddy? Owen Wilson, Terry Bradshaw and Ed Helms. Image 20th Century Fox

The issue of fatherhood has always been something of a tricky subject for Hollywood to tackle, especially when it comes to comedy.

Back in the 1990s, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams attempted a similar trick with Father’s Day, which was a critical and commercial flop.

Fortunately, in this instance, Helms and Wilson are backed up by a stellar supporting cast that includes Oscar winner J.K. Simmons and former NFL star-turned-actor Terry Bradshaw.

The trailer certainly hints at an amusing couple of hours ahead with the pair encountering several potential dads, each with a sex story involving their mother that is more embarrassing than the last one.

Ving Rhames steals the show though, regaling the boys with his own special memory of their mother, a woman he affectionately nicknamed the “dick whisperer.”

From writer Justin Malen, who also penned the upcoming big-screen version of Baywatch, it’s also directed by Lawrence Sher, whose previous credits including working as cinematographer on The Hangover trilogy.

So if dick jokes, The Hangover and Owen Wilson are your things, then head to cinemas February 2017.

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