Eco-Friendly Cars Powered By Poo Will Be Rolling Onto Our Roads Soon

And you thought you had a crappy car…

Tesla self-driving car
Drive time A fully-autonomous Tesla in action. Image Tesla

In the future, roads will be dominated by the self-driving eco-friendly poo-powered car.

Well, at least that appears to be the plan for automobile manufacturers like SEAT, who unveiled plans to trial a series of cars powered by sewage-based biofuel.

Part of a five-year collaborative project, SEAT has provided Spanish water company Aqualia with two Leon TGI hatchbacks which have been designed to utilise the power of poo or, more specifically, compressed natural gas (CNG).

But before you start picturing drivers, sat atop a toilet, while they take to the roads, don’t worry – no one is going to be going for dumps while they drive just yet.

Instead, toilet water is used to create biomethane gas which not only fuels the cars but could pave the way for an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

SEAT’s vice president for research and development, Matthias Rabe, said: “With this development and collaboration project with Aqualia, SEAT has become the first brand in the country’s automotive sector to use 100% Spanish biomethane obtained from waste water.”

The poo powered car from SEAT.
The poo powered car From SEAT Image SEAT

With water treatment plants offering the potential to create millions of litres of biofuel every day, if successful, it’s estimated that 1,000,000 litres could fuel around 300 cars.

Not bad for a bit of toilet water.

This eco-friendly initiative comes hot on the heels of fresh developments in the world of self-driving cars – though not everyone is happy about that.

In fact, one expert previously claimed that the emergence of driverless cars could result in a spike in the number of motorists opting to have sex during long car journeys.

Not sure a poo-powered car would be as romantic a setting for such antics though.

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