eBay User’s £2,000 Auction Of “Last” 10 Pack Of Cigarettes Ends Badly

The user wanted to sell the 10 pack of Chesterfields before new laws come into play

Chesterfields Image Getty

One sneaky eBayer’s attempts at circumventing the rules of the auction website to sell a pack of fags for thousands ended in tears.

The Sun reports that the cheeky eBay user had listed a 10 pack of Chesterfield cigarettes for a whopping £2,000 on the auction site, claiming they were “they last in the UK”.

To add to the cheek of the listing, the fags in question could be purchased for the buy it now price of £3,500.

The user, who reportedly haled from Belfast, was looking to make a quick killing ahead of the introduction of new rules in the UK banning the sale of smaller packets of cigarettes.

Due to be implemented from May, the move would make 10 packs of Chesterfields a thing of the past.

Some packs of chesterfield
Chesterfields Worth £2,000 a pack, apparently. Image Chesterfield

However, The Sun was having none of it and promptly contacted eBay to report the listing.

Under eBay rules the sale of alcohol and cigarettes on the site is illegal, something this user failed to realise.

Sales of these kinds of items is outlawed as eBay has no way of verifying the age of users on the site, meaning anyone of any age could get their hands on items not suitable for sale to anyone aged 16 and under.

This super-sneaky eBay user could now face a ban over his attempts to bypass the rules.

The story is only the latest in a long line of interesting listings on the world-famous auction site.

The $99,999 iPod What's so special about this then? Image eBay

Previously, loaded has reported on the recent upsurge in demand for old school Apple iPods on the auction site as well as rare versions of the new polymer £5 notes and £1 coins.

Alas, this seller may now miss out on all of that and all because of a £2,000 pack of fags.

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