Eating This For Breakfast Could Make You A Grumpy Bugger

This research will shatter your breakfast routine...

Breakfast will be changed forever Image pixabay

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, and the general perception is that you should eat all your carbs first thing in the morning since you’ll burn it all off by bedtime.

However, new research is claiming that what we eat in the morning has a significant impact on our personality for the rest of the day. In fact, high carb breakfasts could make us grumpy and potentially more aggressive.

To discover this correlation, researchers from Net Doctor asked 87 people what they’d had for breakfast one morning before making them play a Monopoly-style game. 

“In the ultimatum game, your partner is given some money, and they decide how much to share with you. If you accept the offer, both of you get the cash. But reject it, and everyone goes home empty-handed,” writes NetDoctor in a statement. 

Put down the croissant

You’d think than any amount of money is better than nothing right? Well, 53% of those who had eaten a high-carb breakfast were stubborn and irritable, demanding a higher sum or nothing.

Meanwhile, 76% of those who had eaten a low-carb were just fine with the little amount of money offered.

So what does this tell us? Avoiding carbs and eating more protein is said to increase levels of dopamine, a natural stimulant.

After taking blood samples from the low carb group, it was found that their high protein diet greatly increased their dopamine levels leading to more forgiving behaviour.

Meanwhile high carbs like white bread aren’t as beneficial, they won’t do much to affect dopamine and in fact can make you hungrier a lot quicker, which we all know can turn anyone into a monster.

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