Eating McDonald’s might be bad for your penis

A trip to the golden arches may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Ronald McDonald in his element.
Ronald McDonald. The friendly face of McDonald's. Image McDonald's

Eating a McDonald’s burger might be cheap, easy and even possibly delicious but it could also lead to erectile dysfunction.

The warning comes as fast food comes under increasing scrutiny from a public keen to promote healthy alternatives over cheap and easy options.

Already we have seen popular soft drinks like Coca-Cola criticised for not only the dangerous levels of sugar present but also the potentially damaging effect these beverages might have on your penis.

And it’s a similar story with McDonald’s and popular bread-and-meat-based favourites like the Big Mac.

According to a video put together by YouTube countdown specialists Alltime10s, entitled “10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s” consuming said burgers could be seriously damaging your ability to get an erection.

The video goes into some pretty graphic detail when it comes to explaining the science behind this warning too.

As the video makers explain: “The processed fat in McDonald’s can cause a cardiovascular disease called endothelial dysfunction which affects how the inner lining of blood vessels behave – and that includes those in the penis.”

“Endothelial dysfunction inhibits blood flow to the genitals so you won’t be lovin’ anything if you keep eating McDonalds.”

So next time you are thinking about having that cheeseburger, maybe just opt for something different on the McDonald’s menu.

Or better yet, go and get something somewhere else or trying cooking up some grub.

Your penis would thank you for it. If penises could talk…

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