Eating Chocolate Regularly Could Save Your Life One Day

A new study has found surprising links between your favourite indulgence and good health...

This delicious treat could help you live longer... Image Cadburys/ Getty Images

It turns out chocolate is something you should incorporate into a healthy diet ASAP.

We all know that dark chocolate is hailed as being good for heart’s health, but did you know it can also help you lose weight, boost your stamina and give you a good night’s rest?

Now researchers have something else to add to this impressive list, people who regularly consume chocolate have a much lower risk of developing an irregular heartbeat, a dangerous condition which can pre-empt a stroke or heart attack.

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In a study called the Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health Study published in the medical journal Heart, researchers invited 160,775 people to volunteer, and all they had to do was eat chocolate.

Research saw volunteers given one serving a week for women and between two to six servings for men over 13 years. This might be the best study we’ve ever heard of.

What they found was pretty surprising: The likelihood of developing an irregular heartbeat was 10% lower for those who consumed chocolate often as compared to those who ate little to no chocolate per month.

They also discovered that European chocolate is ALOT better for you than American offerings since what we get over here has significantly more cocoa in the mixture.

All in all, we’d say this was a pretty significant find, so dive into that Dairy Bar – it could save your life one day.

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