Apparently The Earth Farts On The Moon For Five Days Every Month

Sounds like the Earth needs a Loo-nar break

Quit farting on me, Earth. Image Cool Photos

The earth has been farting on the moon like a schoolyard bully. No word yet on how terrible the smell is, we’re sure its pretty intense.

The Japanese spacecraft SELENE or Kaguya launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency collected some interesting data regarding our Earth-Moon relationship.

This is a little tricky, so we’ll try to summarise as best we can.


The Earth has a magnetosphere or a magnetic shield which protects us from harmful solar winds for five days every month. Over time it has been collecting gas and/or oxygen produced by earthly photosynthesis over a few billion years.

For those five days when the moon wiggles into the shadow of our magnetic field, the earth farts a bunch of that gas onto the Moon due to a kind of particle bridge somehow created by the magnetosphere. Thankfully for the Moon, it doesn’t have to go through this very much.

This information and more we don’t understand was published in a study in the journal, Nature Astronomy by Japanese scientists working on SELENE or Kaguya.

Alexander Mustill, a postdoc in theoretical physics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, told Gizmodo “the very exciting part of this paper is in the possible implications: the possibility of reconstructing from deposits on the Moon the history of the Earth’s atmosphere,”

Meaning that the moon has heaps of data about the evolution of our atmosphere that we have never considered. All because of a couple of toots a month.


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