You Can Earn Big Money By Hacking The Nintendo 3DS

Spotted a bug? You could be on your way to a $200,000 pay cheque.

The Nintendo 3DS.
The Nintendo 3DS Could you break into this? Image Nintendo

If Mr Robot has taught us anything, it’s that hacking can land you in some pretty serious trouble.

However, Nintendo could be about to change all that by introducing a new programme, which actually invites people to hack them and get paid for it.

The company have launched a new initiative designed to iron out the problems with their 3DS gaming device, and they’re offering cash prizes if people can identify bugs in the system.

Nintendo has partnered with HackerOne, a San Francisco-based organisation which specialises in evaluating how vulnerable companies are to cyber attacks and hackers.

The company are offering anything from $100 to a huge $200,000 if players can identify issues with their software security.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Is this the most versatile games console ever? Image Nintendo

Nintendo explain that it hopes “to find and address vulnerabilities on the Nintendo 3DS handheld system that could jeopardize that environment” and help in “creating a better game-play experience” with the plan.

The 3DS was first introduced in 2010, but Nintendo are always looking for ways to improve the device’s security – especially as the device can connect to the web.

The hacking platform isn’t a new thing in the gaming world. The first of these hacking programmes was introduced by Netscape way back in 1996, and they’ve proven pretty useful down the years.

So, if you spot a problem with the new device, let Nintendo know – you could earn yourself some serious cash.

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