Drunk Man Arrested After ‘Knocking Out’ Crime Fighting Robot

The high-tech droid was sparked out during a routine patrol in California

The K5 Patrol robot from Knightscope
The K5 Patrol robot From Knightscope Image Knightscope.com

A man in the US has been left cursing his drunken antics after he was arrested for essentially beating up a high-tech crime-fighting robot.

ABC 7 News reports that 41-year-old Jason Sylvin was arrested after he was caught knocking down a Knightscope droid, which was performing a routine patrol of a car park in the Silicon Valley region of California at the time.

The 300-pound robot, named K5, boasts 360-degree video streaming, forensic crime scene examination functionality and a gun detection centre among other features.

However, none of this could previous the robot from being floored by Sylvin, who landed what we’d like to think was an impressive right hook on the robot before it duly notified the nearby human authorities.

The advanced robot security guard suffered only minor scratches in the confrontation but has yet to return to active duty. Maybe he’s suffering robot PTSD? Who knows.

Speaking to ABC 7 News, local resident Eamonn Callon was far from impressed: “I think this is a pretty pathetic incident because it shows how spineless the drunk guys in Silicon Valley really are because they attack a victim who doesn’t even have arms.”

The story will come as a blow to those who are already predicting the eventual introduction of a robot-based police force – if they are this easy to take down, criminals could run riot.

However, we wonder how the drunken man would fare against one of the robot soldiers being developed in secret by the Russian army.

That might be a different story. In any case, Sylvin is now facing charges of prowling and public intoxication as a result of his violent and largely juvenile outburst. It must have been one hell of a punch.

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