Drugs mule jailed despite trying to dump 50kg of cocaine in a hedge

Joshua Anderson’s change of heart came too late to prevent a custodial sentence

No coke joke 50 kilos is a lot of cocaine to try and dispose of.

If Midnight Express taught us anything, it’s that the life of a drugs mule is, aside from the monetary incentives, a thankless one.

One trafficker of sorts is learning the hard way after being sentenced to five years in prison despite a late change of heart that saw him attempt to dispose 50kg of cocaine in a hedge in Bracknell, Berks.

Joshua Anderson probably never wanted to be a drugs mule in the first place.

A low level drug dealer by day, the father-of-three only agreed to act as courier in a bid to clear £5,000 of debts he accumulated after illness saw him out of work for three months.

The plan was simple enough: Anderson would transport and hand over 50kg of cocaine, which had a wholesale value of £2.5 million and street value of £4.5 million.

What the 32-year-old didn’t realise, however, was that the police were already on to him.

Something of a known quantity in the area, the authorities had spotted Anderson looking rather nervous – as any normal person carrying a large stash of drugs probably would be.

Deciding to keep close tabs, the police watched on as Anderson met another man – who has yet to be identified – who got into the suspect’s red Vauxhall Astra and drove away.

Speaking outside court to Get Reading, Anderson’s lawyer Giuseppina Silvio outlined his client’s version of events:

“A bag was placed in the back of his car. He was told to drive to an estate, and was told to wait in the car. Other persons came to the boot of the car and returned with two bags.

“He panicked and thought something wasn’t quite right. He got out of the car and decided he had to dump those two bags.”

cocaine stash
Your average stash What some of the cocaine haul may have looked like.

Followed and eventually caught by police in a car park close by, Anderson was busy attempting to get rid of the stash in a nearby hedge but hadn’t had enough time to complete his mission, with a further two sports bags full of cocaine found in his Astra.

His accomplice, meanwhile, escaped in a silver Citroen estate, speeding away after an officer approached him.

The car was found abandoned and unlocked nearby, with a large black Slazenger sports bag containing several packages of cocaine in the boot.

Charged with being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug, Anderson pleaded guilty.

Anderson isn’t the only unfortunate dealer recently.

Jason Edwards of Crawley, who was charged with possession of cocaine, said his excuse was that he was wearing an old pair of trousers

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