Drug suspect attempts Marty McFly-style escape from police on hoverboard

Where he’s going they don’t need roads. Because he is going to prison.

Marty McFly from Back to the Future Part II with a hoverboard.
Marty McFly Whatever you do, don't call this guy a chicken Image Universal Pictures

A Florida cannabis enthusiast has learned the hard way that, when it comes to making a quick-fire escape, hoverboards are really not the way to go.

In 1989, as Marty McFly in Back To The Future II, Michael J Fox had moviegoers believing we would all one day use hover-based skateboards as a means of escape from nasty bullies.

Hoverboards, in some form or another, may finally have made their way onto the market over two decades later but the unfortunate truth is that you’d be unlikely to escape the clutches of Biff Tannen should you hop on board.

Not that anyone told 20-year-old Jerome Dennis about this.

“When questioned by police why he smelt of marijuana, Jerome Dennis took to his precious hoverboard”

Evidently fancying himself as a McFly-in-waiting, Dennis decided to try and evade police on one of the two-wheeled contraptions with entirely predictable and depressing results.

As reported by The Smoking Gun, Dennis first encountered trouble with local law enforcement officials when they picked up on a “strong odour of marijuana” emanating from the youngster.

When confronted over his questionable smell, Dennis did the only sensible thing and took to his precious hoverboard.

Hoverboard chase Marty McFly makes his escape.

However, it wasn’t long before he was forced to ditch the vehicle in favour of a faster mode of transport – his feet.

Eventually apprehended by authorities in Clearwater, Tampa Bay, the suspect was cuffed and taken away for questioning.

Something tells us that will be the last time he turns to a hoverboard for help with anything.

Perhaps he could learn a trick or two from the legendary Lucozade hoverboard bandit, who successfully pilfered a crate of the sugar-laden drink during a daring daylight raid on a local Co-op petrol station.

Omaree Lindsay, 19, was eventually given 40 hours’ community service for the crime in Mitcham, South London, becoming the first man to be convicted of theft on a hoverboard in the process.

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