Dr Hazel Wallace: The Best Kind Of Medicine On Instagram

The 26-year-old splits her time between hospital shifts and work on social media.

Dr Hazel Wallace on Instagram
Dr Hazel Wallace on Instagram Image Dr Hazel Wallace/Instagram

Anyone seeking inspiration to go out and get fit could do worse than turn to Instagram star Dr Hazel Wallace.

Not only is the 26-year-old a full-time medic working 12-hour shifts at University College Hospital but she’s also living proof that you can lead a busy working life while staying fit and healthy.

Whether it’s through inspiring shots of her in action in the gym, or whether it’s via the array of mouth-watering dishes she shares online, Dr Wallace is the right prescription for anyone seeking the motivation to change lifestyles.

When you're only 4 days into 12 days of shifts ? I'm not going to lie, my motivation has been zero – minus figures even, if that's possible? And I've been slacking in the gym a little.. skipping workouts, quitting early, going in with a negative mindset. I find it really frustrating because I don't have the luxury of training as and when I like, or for how long as I like, it's always get in and get out whenever I get a spare minute! Training is more than a physical workout for me. I find it so therapeutic as it is the only 45-60 minutes of my day that I'm really by myself and really focused on me. So this morning I scheduled out 60 minutes to stretch and do a barbell complex of push press, front squats, Romanian dead lifts and barbell roll outs. I did feel a little rusty, but proving to myself that I still 'got it' filled me with confidence again. I can't wait to have a week off and throw myself back into it! Wearing: @reebokuk @reebokwomen #reebokUK #ReebokWomen

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As a full-time healthcare professional she’s also the latest in a line of stunning Instagrammers who spend their days saving lives and making a positive difference.

loaded previously profiled Samantha Sepulveda, the model who spends her days walking the beat as a New York cop.

This week in the gym the only thing I've planned is FUN ??‍♀️After a stressful couple of weeks, losing motivation with my training, and getting frustrated with myself I'm taking this week to play around in the gym and fall back in love with training again ⭐I spoke to my strength coach @lbp_adamwillis and he told me to stop stressing about hitting weight targets and PB's, and to instead just do what I want for the next week or two. So yesterday was crossfit and tonight I done some snatch practice, german volume training with squats and overhead press, and finished off with stretching. I think it's really important to have goals to work towards in your training, but as with everything in life.. sometimes you just gotta enjoy yourself and what what feels good!! ?? What's your favourite type of training or favourite exercise? Wearing: @reebokwomen @reebokuk @reebokwomenuk #TheFoodMedic #HazelWallace

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Then there was Gunn Narten, the firefighter from Norway who has been busy hotting things up in an altogether different way on social media.

Dr Wallace is more than just a doctor though, with her very own website The Food Medic offering plenty of advice for anyone looking to eat and feel better.

A doctor, fitness fanatic and full-time foodie? Wallace almost sounds too good to be true but as long as she continues to promote a healthy lifestyle and body positivity alongside work as a healthcare professional she’s got loaded’s backing.

Preach, Hazel, preach.

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