The Doorway To Hell Is A Giant Pit Of Fire and Brimstone In Turkmenistan

Bring Marshmallows

He's waiting... In Turkmenistan Image YouTube

The entrance to hell has been much disputed over the years. In the past it was suspected to be in places such as China, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles and more.

However, we think we’ve now put our finger on it. The gates of hell are located in Turkmenistan due to the natural phenomenon called “The Crater of Fire.’

It was created by Soviet ‘scientists’ in 1971 – or were they demons? Either way, they were looking for oil and gas in the Karakum desert. They began to drill and hereby created a sinkhole 60 metres wide and 20 metres deep. The rig they used was also buried in the pit.


In a natural process, Methane gas was released, and the Soviet geologists decided to burn it off. Well that was almost 50 years ago, and it’s still a fiery pit smelling of eggs thanks to the hydrogen sulphide.

Now it’s a very popular destination spot, bringing in tens of thousand of onlookers over the last decade or so.


In 2013, George Kourounis, a Canadian explorer, became the first person to venture into the pit. National Geographic was on hand to film the experience. ‘The aim was to collect soil samples from the bottom of the hole, to try to establish whether life can exist in such a harsh environment’ [via The Guardian].

Kourounis descends into the crater wearing a heat-resistant suit and Kevlar harness. Daniel Byers/National Geographic

The results pleased Kourounis and his team, they found bacteria that was surviving happily in the molten conditions, which they say could help inform future missions to other planets.

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